Elody Ouedraogo


Advanced Natural Horsemanship (Groundwork)
Trailer Load-IN 

Basic Young Horse Start & Restart

Languages: NL / EN

I live in Haarlem, The Netherlands and I’ve been in contact with horses since I was born.

The first time I sat on one, I was just two years old.
At the age of 6 years old I started taking group-lessons at a riding school
and later when I was old enough, I volunteered there for several years and helped take care of the horses. It was there I learned to ride both disciplines of English Dressage and Western.

I understood that I had to adapt to every horse because they all had their own fears, strengths and personalities that required different approaches and I learned how to become more sensitive to that.

My final hope is that modern equestrians will stand up to make 

the world a better place for the horses and find better ways to  train them.


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