Currently the Training Academy is closed until a new teaching location is secured.

Training Academy

Join us and be a part of something special...

 All students are welcome to study with me for a period of 1, 2 OR 3 years. ( 1 year is approx. 9 months)

You do not have to want to become an instructor to attend the Training Academy.

To become an instructor you are required to attend all 3 years and to supplement your education, can join my master classes 2 days per year every year there after. ( 1 year is 12 months)

There is no limit to what you can achieve when you study in your own time and follow the work set-out for you.


My school is designed to set-you up for success and is

registered with and audited by the CRKBO.

We are a family and take care of each other...


Instructors can graduate and already start teaching in year 2.

With continued education they can earn additional titles called ‘Accreditations’
which also shows their specialist subjects.

It is possible for experienced students or current instructors to fast-track and join in year 2 (this is discussed on a 1-2-1 basis).

A GGWH Graduate Instructor can freely use their given title but are responsible for their own character, reputation, liability & insurance.

See bottom of this page for GGWH official complaints procedure.

" Turn your cant's into can's and your dreams into plans..."

Want to become a part of my team?

All students that complete my 3 year Academy are considered a part of my team.

What do you get when you join the Training Academy?

  • FREE access to my Online Training Academy
  • Includes access to my safe community (a social gym)
  • 24/7 family support 
  • 4 x 2.5 study days per year ( 1 year is approx. 9 months)
  • Homework and assignments
  • Personalized dream's & goal's setting
  • Inspiration and education
  • Continued education

For more detailed information & pricing please get in touch:

Learn more about becoming a GGWH Instructor...

Start by reading my Instructor Handbook today?

GGWH instructors can specialize in their own special subjects...

Never worry you are not doing enough...

When you join my Academy, unlike other educations, we help take care of you and your horsemanship.

New path, new beginnings...

As a Trainee Instructor we encourage you to spread your wings and find your special sauce.

Continued education...

As a Graduate Instructor and to help showcase your personal talents you can earn 'GGWH Accreditations'.

Social gym...

Stay in touch via special WhatsApp groups and the commuity in the Online Academy, you have 24/7 support.


As a team member you are invited to be involved in many new and diverse GGWH projects.

I believe it is possible for everyone to learn how to get good without relying on or waiting for influential professionals...

Some history...

It was always my dream to create an international school where people could learn how to get good with their own horses and if they wanted to, could also learn how to teach that to others.

Besides that, and as a full time Horse Professional & Instructor one of the downsides was not having a good and reliable resource to send my students too.

That is pretty much how all of this began. 

As of 2024 the Academy will spread it's wings and be available at various locations in The Netherlands.

It is also my dream to expand to other countries should appropriate locations arise.

As I look back and see what I have created so far, I am very excited for you, for me and for the horses.

From mind to paper...

January 2020 - First notes on paper and building or articles & videos began

March 2020 - First year 1 began with educational materials provided in handouts and playlist on YouTube

February 2021 - First year 2 began with a continued mega expansion on materials

April 2022 - Educational platform created with membership access
June 2023 - Academy audited with flying colors and registered with CRKBO

During your 3 year training you will learn how to:

Get good at training horses using psychology & communication

Get good at teaching humans effectively with trust & longevity

Get good at staying inspired & motivated

Get good at self-development and keep chasing your dreams

Get good at discovering your skills and talents

Get good at things like Liberty, Bridleless riding, Trailer-Load-IN

Intake is beginner to advanced from the age of 21 years old...

Always inspiring...
...always fun and effective work. Zoë rocks, with a lot of love for and knowledge of the horse.
Anouk Boers

As a long time dressage rider...

 ...I can honestly say Zoë enriches my knowledge about the art of riding and horses in general.

Fabienne Hagen

It’s always a treat... have so much educational information shared by someone with so much passion and love for horses.

Geeske Looy

GGWH Academy complaints procedure:

We hope, of course, that no one feels the need to use it and that you always feel free to ask questions and provide feedback. But if it is the case that we cannot find a solution, we have the following procedure in place where all complaints will be treated confidentially.

GGWH attaches great importance to its quality of service. In the unlikely event you would like to proceed, you can submit a complaint in writing, by telephone or in person. We are therefore happy to talk to you respectfully. If this does not lead to the satisfaction of both parties, we request that you formulate your complaint in writing and state a realistic solution in your letter.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt from us within five working days. We aim to handle your complaint within 3 weeks. Where possible, you will be informed by e-mail about the progress of the procedure. Naturally, you will receive a written confirmation of the outcome of the procedure after the complaint has been completed. If more time is needed to study the complaint, you will be informed within the set time period stating the reasons for the delay.

If it is not possible to jointly agree on your complaint, a third (independent) party will be engaged. We will first ask you for permission to do this. The complaint will then be handled by Mr. L van Vloten: He will treat your complaint confidentially and aim to handle your complaint within 3 weeks. Mr. L van Vloten will inform you by email about the progress of the procedure.

Naturally, you will receive written confirmation of the outcome of the procedure after the complaint has been completed. Mr L. van Vloten’s decision is binding for GGWH and the outcome will be dealt with within 14 days after the decision.

Contact information:

You can send your complaint by e-mail to: or send by post to:

Attention: Complaints Committee (confidential) Tamarindestraat 6, 2023 VM Haarlem. The Netherlands
You will receive a confirmation of receipt from us within five working days. We aim to handle your complaint within 3 weeks.